Hungry for trimmers?  And who isn’t right now with mold threatening to make a serious dent in this year’s harvest?  Experienced SoHum mamas are already snipping for someone else or getting their own crop in.  And the Twister has been hard to keep in stock. But, Ray’s, your one stop shop has it all now–even trimmers.   Today, this cute young couple from Minnesota were looking for work manicuring marijuana in downtown Garberville.  As a bonus, they were creating their own solar oven so apparently they can cook.  Don’t they look like they’d fit right in here with their pink crystal propping up their sign.

However, I’m not sure they’re clear on the concept of oven bags.  Apparently, they are planning on using the damn bags for cooking!

God, I love Humboldt.


Thanks to a local reader who snapped these great shots of Humboldt’s annual migration.