Al Jazeera recently came to Humboldt and interviewed local law enforcement officer, Cyrus Silva.  They asked “What would it take to eradicate cannabis from Humboldt County?”  “An act of God,” Silva replied.

Knowing that the drug war has failed, people around the world are ready to explore legalization as an option for dealing with the normal human need for pleasure. They are watching California wondering how it will vote on Prop. 19.  People from distant countries know the vote here could change laws where they live.  I’ve personally been interviewed by media in Ireland and Australia.  People there know what we do here is going to affect them. Legalization in California could remove the first brick in the wall that separates reality (huge amounts of cannabis grown and consumed every year) from the fantasy world that the state can control the personal pleasures of its citizens.

When Al Jazeera’s English language show, Fault Lines, came here, they explored the issues involved and how people in California are going to vote.  Among others, they interviewed Joey Burger of the Humboldt Grower’s Association. He stepped forward to represent the large pro Prop. 19 contingent in the area. He believes that the “majority of growers are happy to compete in a free market.”

Hopefully, the local supervisors are working already to provide a framework that will allow our local growers to create a niche market that allows them financial success when competing against the mega factory grows in Oakland.

Because what it may take to eradicate most marijuana from Humboldt is not an act of God but a failure of our local government to create a friendly place for mom and pop growers to farm.